Dear students,

Thank you for attending the Chem 203 Final Exam Prep Course hosted by Prep101. Solutions to the material provided in lecture are below:

Solutions to Course Booklet

Solutions to Final Exams

Lecture Slides from April 7th AND 13th

Guide to balancing redox reactions with practice

Guide to solving Initial Rates Questions from simple to difficult <— Difficult scenarios are UNLIKELY FOR THE FINAL!

Three ways of solving an ICE Table <— UNLIKELY FOR THE FINAL!

Table 1

Winter 2016 Fall 2015 Winter 2015
DO this question:  26bc  16, 20  25ef
Exclude these questions  26a  24b  25abcd
Place less emphasis on these questions
Verdict Excellent Excellent Good

Table 2

Winter 2013 Spring 2013 Winter 2012
DO this question:
Exclude these questions  23, 35  32abc
Place less emphasis on these questions
Verdict Good Good Excellent

For Electrochemistry, you are required to understand the relationship between voltage, Gibbs free energy, spontaneity, AND equilibrium but you are not required to draw or label voltaic cells any more (electrochemistry is a huge topic and voltaic cell descriptions in 1 class are not very feasible).

If you did not get an email by 11 am, Friday, April 14th, email me and I will reply.

If you feel there are any errors or corrections feel free to email me. Most of this work has been checked multiple times but I still like feedback/questions. Thank you!


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