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Thank you for attending the Chem 203 Term Test 1 Prep Course hosted by Prep101. Solutions to the material provided in lecture are below:

Solutions to course booklet

Solutions to exam packages

Fall 2016 Solutions

October 12 Lecture Slides

October 13 Lecture Slides

Lecture Slides

Summary of material on the Chem 203 Term Test 1 exam:

Stoichiometry with a focus on Gravimetric Analysis
Gases including Partial Pressures
Thermochemistry with a focus on E=q+w and for Winter Semester, QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS.
This means Q=ndH
Detalied Hess’s law AND bond dissociation questions can be expected to be on the exam
Q=msdT is tested only qualitatively (e.g. throwing a hot piece of iron into a beaker)

Practice exams available:

Table 1

Winter 2016 Fall 2015 Fall 2013
Questions to Exclude
Less emphasis
Verdict Excellent Excellent Fair

Table 2

Spring 2013 Winter 2013 Fall 2012
Questions to Exclude
Less emphasis
Verdict Excellent Fair Fair

Table 3

Winter 2012
Questions to Exclude
Less emphasis
Verdict Fair

*Note – excluded questions WILL be fair game for Term Test 2!

If you attended the lecture but did not receive an email by 7 pm, October 15th, e-mail me and I will reply.

If you feel there are any errors or corrections please check the list of known errors below. If there is a new problem you feel is in error, please email me. Thank you!

My recommended calculator for this course is a Ti 36X Pro.

Known Errors

Winter 2016 Question 15c should use 0.10 and 0.90 for mole fractions, not 0.15/0.85. Winter 2016, Fall 2016, Winter 2012, Fall 2013, Spring 2013, Winter 2013, Fall 2015 have all been compared to Instructor solutions.


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