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Thank you for attending the Chem 203 Term Test 2 Prep Course hosted by Prep101. Solutions to the material provided in lecture are below:

Lecture Slides from November 4th

Lecture Slides from March 10th

Solutions to course booklet

Solutions to exam package

Practice exams:

The last two years, the focus of Term Test 2 in Chem 203 has been entirely on kinetics and equilibrium. Because of the narrow focus of the exam, we provide a highly tailored exam package.

Exams included (cropped means questions not tested have been cut out)

Term Test 2 – Winter 2016, Fall 2015, Fall 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2013, Winter 2012

Based on information given by professors, exclude the following from the Term Test 2s provided:

Fall 2016 Winter 2016 Fall 2015 Fall 2014
DO this question:
Exclude these questions  8,11,12  7,14,15,20b  10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 23d
Verdict Excellent Excellent Great Great


Fall 2013 Spring 2013 Winter 2012
DO this question:
Exclude these questions  23d  7 9, 14
Verdict  Good Good  Good

THE MOST REPRESENTATIVE EXAM FOR THIS YEAR’S CLASS IS Term Test 2 FALL 2016. Term Test 2 Fall 2014 has more difficult questions (make sure you exclude the ones on the above list) and is a great HARD version exam to do after!!!

Within kinetics, you don’t need to be able to use the three rate equations:

$$1/[A]_t   =kt+1/[A]_0$$
$$ln([A]_t )  =-kt+ln([A]_0 )$$

to find initial and final concentrations HOWEVER you DO need to be able to see these equations in the form
And understand that the slope of a given graph gives the rate constant.

Furthermore, Ksp (solubility product) and acids and bases are removed.

Additional Explanation of How Coefficients Affect Stoichiometry, Rates and Equilibrium (see last page of this instructional PDF for Kinetics – it might make things even clearer)

Guide to solving Initial Rates Questions from simple to difficult

Three ways of solving an ICE Table (in case you wanted to review this again)

Using a Ti-36X Pro Calculator to Solve Quadratic Equations

If you attended the lecture but did not receive an email by midnight, November 4th, e-mail me and I will reply.

If you feel there are any errors or corrections feel free to email me. Most of this work has been checked multiple times but I still like feedback/questions. Thank you!


Checked against instructor solutions: Term Test 2 – Fall 2016, Winter 2016, Fall 2015, Fall 2013, Spring 2013, Winter 2012

Winter 2016 – There is an issue in the PROFESSOR KEY (not our key), question 13 b should be dashed because it’s asking for UNCATALYZED (they highlighted solid for catalyzed – a common reading mistake when you rush through answering the question)

No instructor solutions available (yet): Term Test 2 – Fall 2014,  Fall 2012

Checked against instructor solutions: Term Test 1 – Fall 2013, Winter 2013,

No instructor solutions available (yet): Term Test 1 – Fall 2012

Exclusion List for older exams:

Fall 2012 Q12, 16a,b (16c is good, do it!), 18


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