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Thank you for attending the Chem 209 Midterm Prep Course hosted by Prep101. Solutions to the material provided in lecture are below:

Solutions to course booklet

Solutions to exam package – containing Solutions to 2015W, 2014W, 2013F, 2013W, 2012W, 2012F

2015 Fall Exam

2015 Fall Solutions

2016 Fall Exam

2016 Fall Solutions

2016 Fall Multiple Choice Worked Solutions

2017 Winter Exam

2017 Winter Solutions

2017 Winter Multiple Choice Worked Solutions

Lecture Slides

Summary of material on the Chem 209 Midterm exam:

Practice exams available:

Table 1

Winter 2016 Fall 2015 Fall 2013
Questions to Exclude
Less emphasis


Spring 2013 Winter 2013 Fall 2012
Questions to Exclude
Less emphasis

Table 3

Winter 2012
Questions to Exclude
Less emphasis

*Note – excluded questions WILL be fair game for final!

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