Formula Sheets

A formula sheet is a collection of relevant data that helps you solve questions during an exam. They are an approved aid for a final or midterm exam – the formula sheets change year to year but the following are current as of 2016.

Because a large portion of your grade (in many classes >50 percent) is based on exams, use your classes’ appropriate formula sheet whenever you study or do homework. Get used to the tools of your trade.


Chemistry 20 OR Science 10 (a Chemistry 30 databook reduced to only whats needed for these classes)

Chemistry 30 (without front page – to save on ink when printing)

Chemistry 30 (original data book)

Organic Chemistry 351/353/355 –
These are mostly spectroscopy worksheets and they work for any organic chemistry class. They are excellent.

Chemistry 201

Chemistry 203

Math 30
Math 20
Math 10

Physics 30 data booklet no cover (save on printing)

Physics 30 data booklet original

If for whatever reason you are a creator and don’t like me posting useful formula sheets in one place, please contact me and I will take them down.


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