The best resources I know for math textbooks are made by Absolute Value Publications:

Mathematics needs to be learned by doing. A tutor can explain an individual concept or idea but the student must internalize the knowledge by solving various problems using the new knowledge. Textbooks are OK but the study books above are excellent – they allow a student to work as they learn a new concept.

Another good resource is Khan Academy:

Keep in mind, Khan Academy does not follow the Alberta Curriculum and teaches subjects such as transformations in a manner that may confuse some students. The aim of Khan Academy is for a student to internalize mathematics on all levels and close any gaps in knowledge. This is sometimes not consistent with the Alberta Curriculum.

Some students that go through the Alberta Curriculum don’t always get a greater understanding of mathematics and instead just learn rote techniques for solving problems that are strictly defined in our Curriculum.

That’s not to say the curriculum is bad. In fact it is quite comprehensive – but whether a student learns mathematics or just methods of solving the specific problems posed by the curriculum depends on how the instructor teaches the course.


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